Paris 15th

Project owner: Private
Mission: Complete project management
Surface area: 100 m² terrace area
Progress: Delivered in 2017 for the second phase of works


First phase of works: Complete restructuring of the flat; kitchen, bathroom and living room. 


Second phase of works: Opening of a stairwell, elevation by a glazed aedicule, extension of the aedicule by a roof cap, insulation and paving of the roof terrace, design of a custom-made wood and steel staircase.

In the heart of the 15th borough of Paris, our clients own the top floor of a 9-storey building.

The project consisted in the creation of a kiosk on the roof and a staircase allowing them to comfortably access the terrace; they thus gained a second floor under the open sky with a sublime view of the Parisian landscape.

The kiosk is treated as an architectural object of metal and glass. During the day, natural light streams into the flat and the changing moods of the Parisian sky are subtly reflected. At night, it is discreetly illuminated with soft, indirect lighting to enhance the view of the city lights.