Children's home NERAC

Boussy Saint-Antoine (91)

Project owner: City of Boussy-Saint-Antoine

Mission : Complete project management + OPC

Surface : 1000 m² SP

Progress : Delivery in 2015


Construction of a new building dedicated to the extracurricular and leisure activities for the pupils of the Rochopt and Nérac school groups in Boussy Saint-Antoine.
The project also includes landscaping around the building.

Located near the Nérac school group, the new building acts as a screen between the street and the courtyard, thus guaranteeing visual protection. Its location and volume allow for the preservation of the large oak trees, which are key elements of the school’s landscape quality.

The pattern of the metal cladding is inspired by the shade of the large oak trees preserved on the site.

The trees contribute to the summer comfort of the building, acting as a natural mask, protecting the south façade from the sun in summer.

Building Performance

The aim is to comply with the requirements of the RT 2012:

  • The thermal regulation for new buildings as specified in the decree of 26/10/2010.
  • The Bbiomax
  • The Cepmax
  • The average thermal bridge ratio
  • The average psi L9
  • Summer comfort

The bioclimatic requirement of the building is 75.9 points for a Bbio max of 82.5, i.e. a gain of 8%.

The conventional primary energy consumption of the building is 77.0 kWhep/m².an for a Cep max of 110 kWhep/m².an, i.e. a gain of around 30%.

The air permeability of the building is set at 1.70 m3/h.m².

Technical facilities

The ventilation system of the project is a double flow air handling unit serving all the activity rooms and offices. The AHU is equipped with a heat exchanger on the extracted air allowing the recovery of the calories present in the extracted air of the centre. This has an efficiency of 80%.

The building’s heat production is connected to the school’s boiler room via a plate heat exchanger.

Emission is provided by fan coil units installed in the false ceiling.

The building’s domestic hot water is provided by solar thermal collectors located on the terraces.