Paris 8th

Project owner : Private

Mission : Full mission

Surface area : 300 m² SP

Progress : Delivered in 2019


In the heart of the 8th borough, in the Europe district, we have delivered a medical centre with an innovative programme in the cardiology sector. It includes specialised consultation offices equipped with stress test and stress ultrasound machines, a cardiological rehabilitation area and an infirmary.

In order to transform this former office space into a suitable work tool, the development work focused in particular on the spatial optimisation of constrained premises, with a specific layout for each function. A large PRM lift allows for the transport of stretchers and medical equipment, and ventilation equipment adapted to the practice of sports is integrated. 

The reuse and enhancement of existing materials, the work on colour and details, contribute to the warm and friendly atmosphere desired by the client, far from the idea of an “aseptic” medical facility.