Paris 13th

Project owner : Private project owner

Mission : Complete project management

Surface : 1090 m² SP existing / 1319 m² SP project

Progress : Permit in progress


  • The two upper levels contain two duplex flats under the roof: a 4P and a 5P, each with a double height living room and terraces.
  • Installation of a lift serving all levels

Paris XIII, rue du chevaleret belongs to a district with a strong urban mix, serving one of the southern entrances to the Paris Rive Gauche district.

 It is associated with the Tolbiac sector of the new Paris Rive Gauche district with its mutations; a future in progress composed of urban requalifications, new constructions and tactical urbanism along and on the railway tracks of the Austerlitz station.

Interventions on the existing building and its volume

  • renovation of the facades
  • renovation of the courtyard
  • renovation of the small buildings in the courtyard
  • renovation of the roof
  • renovation of the interior common areas of the building.

Enhancement of the existing building

  • create the third facade, currently a neglected gable of the building, which will treat the corner at the intersection of the two streets

  • remove the image of a courtyard façade and allow the building to become part of the urban landscape of the intersection

  • renovate the street façade

  • the volume of the existing roof is minimal, with proportions that do not match the scale of the building: it is a very low gable roof with undevelopable attic space

Urban impacts

  • allow the block to end by integrating into the urban fabric on the Rue Duchefdelaville side by treating its stopped gable. 

  • increase the volume of the roof to match the heights of the neighbouring brick buildings, with a vocabulary inspired by the Amsterdam school, notably the architect Michael de Klerk.

  • a signal echoing n°155 of the rue du Chevaleret, a gateway to the Left Bank district…

Capping treatment and gable termination

Create a break or event between the main facade and its turnaround on the corner with rue Duchefdelaville – proposal for a tree-lined balcony.


Complete the intervention on the gable with: a more permanent vegetation project forming an “ecological corridor” between the square Héloïse and Abelard, the rue Louise Weiss

Another proposal