paris 11th

Project owner: Private project owner

Mission: Complete project management

Surface: 200 m² SP Created

Progress: Permit in progress 


  • The two upper levels offer two flats: a 3P and a 5P duplex, each with private access to the green roof terrace and amenity terrace.
  • Renovation of the common areas
  • Installation of a lift serving all levels
  • Refurbishment of the facades
  • The building is located between two streets, Rue Alexandre Dumas and Impasse Delepine. The two facades, each facing one of the streets, are defined differently.

  • In order to ensure harmony in the architectural style of the building, the two elevations are treated differently while respecting the existing.

Facade on Alexandre Dumas Street

At R+4, the glazed areas are treated in a homogeneous way by the use of panoramic sliding windows with hidden frames and top-of-the-range triple glazing (for maximum thermal insulation) for the lighting of the flat rooms. 

These are interspersed with glass brick elements that repeat the verticality and pattern of the solid brick elements of the existing facade: the bays created will have the same height as the existing windows. The frame of this “glass element” will be made of a metallic capotage (large cassette) whose iridescent finish in a warm brown colour with applied silk-screen printing will allow all the nuances of a reflection of the light on it. A profile surrounds it in line with the bay windows and the horizontal glass block elements.

At the fifth floor level, the façade is again set back (due to the prospect). The balcony created has a railing with a solid base (made of glass bricks), vertical elements (also made of glass bricks) in rhythm with the solid elements between the glass windows. It is completed by horizontal locks.

Roof terrace

In order to limit the high fascia, the height of which is linked to the thickness of the vegetated part of the terrace, a glass brick line is created.

This future reading of 3 glass brick panels centred on the façade in line with the existing ones continues the vertical effect of the façade while combining a lightness due to the transparency of the materials constituting this elevation.

On the Delépine impasse

The existing, more modest facade of the building is composed of a millstone base, a fault (staircase, common part of the access to the flats), which separates two elements whose finish is a light off-white rendering. High French windows which descend almost to the level of each floor are ornamented by a wrought ironwork forming a railing.

We will continue with the same type of finish with the aim of making the elevation as discreet as possible, using the same type of windows as the existing one for the partial R+4. 

The facade of the fifth floor, which is set back, allowing for terraces to the south, will be finished in the same way as the facade on Rue Alexandre Dumas, creating a more qualitative top floor (like a crown) with larger windows opening onto the living room or kitchen of the two flats, and the solid parts will be clad with a screen-printed, warm brown metal cassette cover, as on the facade on Rue Alexandre Dumas. 

The railings on the roof terrace will be made of glass (the aim is to make them more legible).

As for the two access kiosks to the terraces, the use of metal cassettes finished in mirrored stainless steel sheeting will allow them to disappear into the sky.